At Etcetera Design Limited we define passion as the creative energy behind every successful project.

Creativity & Simplicity

With the value of Creativity & Simplicity at work, the audience can absorb the meaning behind a Project.


At Etcetera Designs Limited we strive to develop a culture that fosters effective teamwork.

Excellence & Fun

We provide you with excellent and quality services at the best price, working closely with you to improve your Business/Organization.

Design is the silent Ambassador of your Brand

We always Push what’s PossibLe.

It’s our goal to create a delightful experience for our clients. We are fortunate to be able to produce great deliverables because our clients empower us to do what we think is right for them.

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Taking the lead in the delivery of excellence and functionality.

With the value of Creativity & Simplicity at work, the audience can absorb the meaning behind a Project that actually has a deep meaning that is not short as it looks.

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To imagine, create and implement concept that ignites engagement.

In the Creative profession, nearly all important projects are too large to be completed by just one person. Because of this, Etcetera Designs Limited strives to develop a culture that fosters effective teamwork, therefore maintaining
positive interpersonal dynamics throughout the project.

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The Drive

Our unique selling proposition.

Having been involved in developing and managing projects in major organizations and seeing the power of creative thinking, teamwork and focus often being diluted by general project mentality, coupled with the difficulties faced by most people in winning the support of such organizations in managing micro projects, we thought to create a visual communication firm that will be focused on delivering excellence from start to finish irrespective of the size or budget of such projects.

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Excellent project management from start to finish
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